The Homeopath's Personal 50 Remedy Essential Kit

Join me for this series of 5 event - every Tuesday night for 5 weeks starting Tuesday May 31st. it's FREE!

Tuesday May 31st:  3 salts 200c. Aconite 200c. Anas barb 200c (Oscillococcinum). Apis 30c. Arg nit 30c. Arsenicum 30c. Narayani - mix 45 ‘Atomic radiation'. Belladonna 30c. Bryonia 30c. Calc carb 30c.

Tuesday June 7th: Calendula 12X. Narayani - mix 6 ‘Calming’. Carbo veg 30c. Narayani - mix 7 ‘CB7’ (prolapse). Narayani - mix 71 ‘CCA’ (coughs). Chamomilla 30c. China 30c. Coffea 30c. Narayani - mix 16, ‘drawing’. Drosera 30c.

Tuesday June 14th: Ferrum phos 200c. Gall stone combination. Gelsemium 200c. Haemorrhoids combination. Narayani - mix 85, throbbing headache. Hepar sulph 30c. Histamine 200c. Hypericum 30c. Ignatia 200c. Narayani - mix 20, ‘Injury mix’.

Tuesday June 21st: Ipecac 30c. Kali carb 30c. Narayani - mix 21, ‘KBS’ (kidney, bladder, stones). KHP (kali bich. hydrastis, pulsatilla combination). Lachesis 30c. Leptin 6c. New Materia Medica: Lotus. Lycopodium 30c. Mag phos 30c. Mercurius 30c.

Tuesday June 28th: Nux vomica 30c. . Passiflora 30c. Phosphorus 30c. Pulsatilla 200c. Saccarum off 200c. Sepia 30c. Silica 30c. Staphysagria 200c. Sulphur 30c. Narayani - mix 36, ‘Worms’.

You will be able to ask questions during the live event and you will also be sent a recording after.

All remedies shared in this series are referenced in the app 'Homeopathyly' also. Read more about the app here: https://www.homeopathyly.com/homeopathyly-for-everyday-use

Event repeats every Tuesday 1 time




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