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Learn more about the subscription for homeopathic consultations (ONLINE and in-person)

Have you wondered if a subscription for homeopathic consultations is a good idea for you? Then come to this evening where I explain what it is, how it works and why I like to work in this way in my practice. 

Homeopathy has a bit of a reputation for being pricey. It's not that surprising actually. The education is long, intense, and expensive, and what has been put in must somehow be earned back. Homeopaths are also often viewed as highly specialized and are often only called on when things become very complicated, so we do not have a natural influx of patients. For all these reasons, YES, we are probably some of the most expensive holistic practitioners out there. 

Subscriptions are for those who are committed to homeopathic treatment, and would like to have access to all of the homeopathic treatment and advice you need, without having to worry about mounting costs.

For $125 you have your monthly consultations and all of the acute consultations you need (homeopathic kit required, please read below). As a subscriber, every fourth consultation is a bit longer, so we have extra time for any other questions or matters that might come up which we don't usually have time for.

Be committed and save money
If you allow for 4 months and 4 consultations to treat any chronic ailment you are dealing with, then you will probably have a very positive experience. It is not unusual that you will experience encouraging improvement or at least changes and new movement in your symptoms. When you give it 4 months things start to get really interesting. It is for this reason I offer reduced prices to anyone who will commit themselves to 4 months of homeopathy with me. It gives me the best working conditions and it gives you, in my view, the best possible treatment.