Informative meeting about the Homeopathic Detox Community followed by Q&A

Think of the Homeopathic Detox Protocols as taking antivenin. Never before have we been so poisoned as we are now. We are topped up constantly with hormones, medications, pollution, agricultural pesticides - you name it. It is unlike anything the human body has gone through before in the entire history of mankind. Wouldn't it be great if there was antivenin for that? What if there is?!

The protocols currently covered in the club are

Antibiotics detox
Hormonal contraception detox
IVF medication detox
(coming soon)
Medication given through labour detox
(coming soon)
Steroids detox
Heavy metals detox
Epstein Barr
Aspartame (coming soon)
Graphene oxide (coming soon)

Limited availability

Join me for this evening where I tell you some more about and you can ask all your questions.